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  Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory Last Updated: 09/13/2004
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1. The canister should be placed on the lowest livable level of the home. If the basement is used or could be used for a bedroom, workshop, laundry room, etc., the test should be done on that level. If the basement can not be used or is suitable only for storage, then the test should be done on the first floor of the dwelling. If you have questions regarding placement of the canister, contact the Radiation Control Program at 1-800-232-0842 or 287-5676.

2. Place the canister at least 20 inches above the floor in a location where it won’t be disturbed - away from drafts, high heat and high humidity. It should also be located at least 3 feet from outside doors and windows.

3. Do not change the location of the canister during the testing period.



1. The area being tested should be kept closed for at least 12 hours prior to the beginning of the test. No fans or air conditioning should be used. Windows and doors should be kept shut except for normal entrance and exit purposes. These conditions should be maintained for the entire testing period.

2. To begin the test, pull the gray tape from the canister. This exposes a 3/4" hole in the top of the canister. Save the gray tape to reseal the canister at the end of testing. Do not disturb the black tape around the middle of the canister.

3. Place the canister on a flat surface with the hole up. RECORD START DATE AND TIME in the space provided on the other side of this form.

4. Leave the canister exposed for at least four full days (96 hours), but no more than 7 days (168 hours).

5. At the end of the testing period, RECORD END DATE AND TIME on the other side of this form. Reseal the canister by placing the gray tape in the original location over the hole. Be sure the aluminum foil attached to the sticky side of the tape covers the hole.

6. Place the canister and this form back into the shipping box. Fill out and attach address label. No postage is necessary; simply drop the box into a mailbox. Mail the box within one day. This is very important. Because of the rapid decay of radon, we are not able to analyze samples which are more than 96 hours old. You will receive your results in approximately 10 days.


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