Data, Research and Vital Statistics

State Share of Vital Records Fees - Effective June 15, 2011

Effective June 15, 2011, 10-146-CMR Chapter 13, State Share of Vital Records Fees rule was adopted as final rule. This rule allows the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention to charge municipalities 40% of the fee increase established in Public Law 589, 2009, pertaining to health data and vital statistics, including but not limited to costs for services, paper and supplies. This rule can be viewed at the following link: , select Rules for the Department of Health and Human Services, then scroll down to Data, Research, and Vital Statistics, Chapter 13; State Share of Vital Records Fees.

For documents to assist the municipalities with the fees, please see the links below:


Special Note:  Please send the municipality reporting form and payment to the Cashier's Unit at 221 State Street. Copies of vital records intended for Vital Records staff should NOT be sent to the Cashier's Unit as they handle only reports and checks.   Copies of vital records should be sent to 220 Capitol Street in Augusta where Vital Records staff are physically located.