Maine CDC Press Release

May 3, 2010

Maine CDC Praises Partners for Providing Clean, Safe Water

Roger Crouse
Maine CDC Drinking Water Program
(207) 287-2070
John Martins, Director
Employee and Public Communications
(207) 287-5012

AUGUSTA- From a drinking fountain at a roadside rest area to a large city water system, more than 750,000 Maine residents and countless other visitors are served by more than 1,900 public drinking water systems statewide.

Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC), Dr. Dora Anne Mills, praised the efforts of her staff, water utilities and system owners and operators as National Drinking Water Week begins (May 2-8).

“Safe and reliable drinking water is so important to our health. It’s an easy thing to take for granted,” Mills said. “Maine has abundant and safe sources of drinking water and we all work hard to keep it this way.”

Maine has received national recognition for its ability to utilize $19.5 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds to improve water quality and systems.

"The $19.5 million in ARRA funding helped put people to work at a time of great need and replaced aging pipes, treatment systems, and holding tanks in our public water systems. As a result, our drinking water quality is also improved," said Roger Crouse, Director of the Maine CDC Drinking Water Program.

As part of this weeklong celebration, the Maine CDC Drinking Water Program is sponsoring performances by the National Theatre for Children. The program educates students through grade six about the importance of safe and secure drinking water. Performances are planned in schools within the Limestone Water District, Eagle Lake Water & Sewer District, Brownville Water District, Aqua Maine, Inc. of Camden/Rockland Division and the Morrill Village Water District.

Governor John E. Baldacci acknowledged the importance of clean water in his proclamation of Drinking Water Week. It reads:

WHEREAS, the health, comfort, and quality of life of Maine’s citizens depend on an ample supply of safe, high quality drinking water; and

WHEREAS, protecting our drinking water is essential to preserve our own health and economy and that of future generations; and

WHEREAS, the people of Maine are encouraged to recognize this precious resource and to help protect our source waters from pollution, to practice water conservation, to actively support the upkeep of our drinking water infrastructure, to become involved in local water issues, and plan for its efficient use; and

WHEREAS, the Maine Water Systems and the Maine Drinking Water Program led the nation in successfully committing all American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to needed infrastructure projects throughout the state,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOHN E. BALDACCI, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby proclaim May 2-8, 2010 as DRINKING WATER WEEK throughout the State of Maine, and urge all citizens to recognize this observance.