Maine CDC Press Release

April 12, 2010

Maine Public Health Nursing Granted Accreditation by National Program

For more information, contact
Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH, Director,
Maine CDC
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or John Martins, Director
Employee and Public Communications
(207) 287-5012

AUGUSTA - The Maine Public Health Nursing Program, within the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) in the Department of Health and Human Services has been granted initial accreditation for quality home and community care by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP).

“Whether it is controlling Tuberculosis outbreaks, working with new immigrant families, or helping Maine lead the nation for H1N1 immunizations by vaccinating over 10,000 people this past few months, we know we can count on Public Health Nurses to step up to the plate,” said Dr. Dora Anne Mills, Director of the Maine CDC. “This accreditation makes sure that systems are in place to assure all of us that Public Health Nurses will always be there for us.”

To earn CHAP accreditation, Maine Public Health Nursing Program voluntarily completed an intensive process of self-evaluation, which was followed by a lengthy on-site review by CHAP experts. During this review, CHAP staff conducted interviews with Public Health Nursing staff, reviewed documentation, observed patient care and interviewed patients.

All aspects of patient care and care-providing staff management were evaluated. Evaluators looked at the structure of the program and its purpose; quality of the services and products; staff, financial and physical resources; and the ability of the program to be effective for years to come.

Beyond licensure or certification where required, Maine Public Health Nursing Program has chosen to voluntarily seek this higher standard of excellence.

“Our effort to become accredited began more than three years ago,’’ said Jan Morrissette, Director of Public Health Nursing. “The entire staff worked together to assure that we could meet the standards, not only for core accreditation, but for the Public Health Specialty. We developed project charters, utilized our standing committees, developed communications and celebrated our successes.”

According to Terry A. Duncombe MSHA RN, President and Chief Executive Officer of CHAP, “The accreditation that Maine Public Health Nursing Program has achieved is important to the local health care community, and to the public at large. It demonstrates that this organization has achieved excellence in operations in the services it provides to people in need.”

Maine Public Health Nursing also earned a commendation – a rare occurrence in an initial accreditation - for its administrative and management techniques for team building that provide for a well-informed Public Health workforce.

“I am very proud of our Public Health Nurses, and excited that CHAP recognizes the resources they bring to all Maine people as well,” said Dr. Mills.