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Maine has some of the highest rates of asthma in the country. Approximately 10% of Maine adults currently has asthma compared to the 7.8% nationally.

It is impossible to pin-point the exact reason for these higher rates, rather, there seems to be a number of contributing factors. For instance, Maine is geographically located in what is commonly called the "tail-pipe" of the United States. Environmental pollutants carried by the gulf stream and air patterns lead to high levels of airborne particulate, smog, smoke, and soot. Maine is also subject to high levels of summertime ozone. Maine is a densely forested state with high pollen levels and Maine people still rely heavily on burning wood to heat their homes. All of these factors contribute to high asthma rates statewide.

Children and Minority populations are at especially high risk:

In Maine currently 10.7% of children has asthma compared to 8.9% nationally.

In Maine currently 16.5% of the non-white population has asthma.

Major statewide initiatives are currently happening to address the environmental issues as well as the high asthma rates in children and minorities.

With partners such as the American Lung Association, the Maine Asthma Council, the Department of Environmental Protection and Office of Health Equity, Maine is working tirelessly to ensure every person can manage their asthma and live happy productive lives.

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