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Maine Diabetes Prevention and Control Program Staff

Telephone (207) 287-5185

Fax (207) 287-7213

TTY Number (800) 606-0215


Title Name Telphone #
Office Associate II Judy Angsten

(207) 287-5380
Program Coordinator Nathan Morse

(207) 287-2907
Comprehensive Health Planner Dana Ivers

(207) 287-5185

Program Manager Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health Programs

Troy Fullmer

(207) 287-2906

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Maine Diabetes Advisory Council

The Diabetes Prevention and Control Program and the Maine Cardiovascular Health Council established, in the spring of 2006, the Diabetes Advisory Council. The members of the Diabetes Advisory Council are recognized leaders in the health system and valued partners in diabetes care.

Maine Diabetes Advisory Council
The Maine Diabetes Advisory Council list (pdf*)

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What is the Maine DPCP

Maine Diabetes Prevention and Control Program

In 1977 the Maine Diabetes Control Program or DCP as it was called was one of 6 state funded diabetes program by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The program began with a focus on developing a quality diabetes self management education program. One of the first DCP staff members that worked on developing the ADEF program was Bob Anderson. Bob has been credited with developing an empowerment model that recognizes the importance of inclusion of the person with diabetes as a primary partner in treatment. From 1977 through 1982 the DCP and educators throughout the state worked on and improved the Ambulatory Diabetes Education and Follow-up program. In 1982, the ADEF program and its impact was featured in an article published by the CDC in the MMWR. In 1986, L.D. 592 was passed. This is the law that mandates coverage for diabetes supplies and education through a ADEF program. 

During the late 80’s the DCP focused on complication specific programs. During this time the CDC allowed the DCP to provide funding for direct care this stopped in the 90’s. The 90’s were a time when the DCP shifted its focus from complication specific to health systems, there was also huge movement in diabetes care resulting from two landmark studies, the Diabetes Complications and Control Trials in 1993 and the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study in 1998, both studies demonstrated the benefits of blood glucose control. In 2000 the CDC put an emphasis on measurement, our response was to develop a surveillance system based on five data sources showing prevalence and population behaviors, vital statistics of the population, data from ADEF sites, hospitalization discharge data, and mortality data. In 2001 the first comprehensive report of diabetes care patterns and outcomes in Maine was released. In 2002, the New England Journal of Medicine published results of the diabetes prevention program demonstrating that modest lifestyle changes were effective in delaying and preventing type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals. In 2003 our program name changed from Diabetes Control Program (DCP) to Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP).

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DPCP Highlights

Maine Diabetes Prevention and Control Program Highlights (pdf*) are updated on a regular basis and are available to view or download

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