Perinatal Outreach and Education

The Perinatal Outreach Education and Consultation is a contracted service of the Maine CDC, Population Health’s Children with Special Health Needs Program. It is designed to provide services to health care providers who care for Maine’s pregnant women and their newborns. Activities of the Perinatal Outreach Education & Consultation program are provided to all perinatal care providers including physicians, nurses, certified nurse midwives, certified professional midwives and other individuals or groups with interest in healthy outcomes for pregnant women and infants in Maine on request.

All activities conducted through POEC and collaborations will contribute to the following goals:

  • Reduce the preterm birth rate in Maine
  • Reduce maternal, fetal and infant mortality and morbidity in Maine
  • Strengthen the factors that contribute to safe and healthy perinatal outcomes
  • Promote and sustain a statewide system of high quality perinatal services that are accessible to all residents.

For more information contact:

Kelley Bowden
Tel: 207-622-2767