Maine Newborn Hearing Program

Two Children with hearing aids

The Maine Newborn Hearing Program was established by law in 2000. The program was set up to provide information to families about hearing screening, evaluation and services. Birth facilities are required to tell new families about the importance of newborn hearing screening. If the birth facilities does not offer the screening test, it must help you arrange to have the test done somewhere else.

For information please contact Betsy Glencross:
Tel:(207) 287-8427
TTY:  Maine relay 711



Maine State Law - Relating to Newborn Hearing Program
Title 22: Health and Welfare, Chapter 1686, Newborn Hearing Program

Rules and Regulations - Chapter 279; Relating to the Maine Newborn Hearing Program. (Adobe PDF*) (*free viewer)

Family Survey - Family Survey Results (Microsoft Word *)(Adobe PDF*) (*free viewer)

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