Comprehensive Cancer Control


The bullets below identify and describe some of the current efforts of the Maine Comprehensive Cancer Control Program.

  • Distributing Screen ME! Colon Cancer Community Action Kits to all Maine Public Health Districts.
  • Awarded funds to facilitate the establishment, development and implementation of a free Colorectal Cancer Control Program to reduce the burden of colorectal cancer in Maine.
  • Publishing the first Maine Cancer Surveillance Document.
  • Provide sun safety education and information kits to Maine Parks and Recreation Departments across the state.
  • Supporting the Maine Cancer Consortium External site disclaimer, and its workgroups, in its collaborative effort to reduce the overall burden of cancer in Maine.
  • Facilitating the revision and republication of the Maine Comprehensive Cancer Control plan: 2011-2015.
  • Conducting participatory evaluation of the Maine Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, the Maine Cancer Consortium, and implementation of the Maine Cancer Plan.
  • Developing a scan of policy, systems, and environmental changes for tobacco, physical activity, and nutrition including a gap analysis.