Stocking Requirements

The following are the minimum inventory requirements. Please refer to the Maine WIC Nutrition Program Approved Food list for types. Stores are required to stock WIC Approved Foods and keep minimum inventory on their shelves and coolers. These must be available at the time of application and must be maintained by WIC authorized stores.

WIC-Approved Items



100% Juice

6 Bottles

64 oz. of WIC approved bottled juice                         Any two varieties.

6 Containers

10-12 oz. of Frozen Concentrate  or
11.5 oz. of Liquid Concentrate .                                 Any two varieties.


72 Ounces

12 oz. box or larger
 One variety must be Whole Grain.                            Any two varieties.


8 Gallons &
4 Half Gallons

Gallons, any combination of: whole, fat free, low fat or reduced fat


2 Pounds

8-16 oz. packages of  American, Cheddar, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Swiss


2 Dozen

Grade A- Any Size Brown or White Shells


8 Cans Or
2 Bags

14-16 oz cans of beans
 16 oz bags

Peanut Butter

2 Jars

16-18 ounce jars creamy or crunchy                                      Any brand.

Fish Canned

60 Ounces

5 or 6oz  Tuna / 5 or 6oz Salmon./ 3.75 oz. Sardines


8 Loaves

16 ounce loaves of WIC approved Whole Wheat Bread


64 Ounces

Fresh or Frozen or Canned                                         Any two varieties.
No potatoes except Yams or Sweet Potatoes


64 Ounces

Fresh or Frozen or Canned                                          Any two varieties.

*Infant Formula

24 Cans of Powder


24 Cans of Concentrate

*Enfamil Formula

12.5 oz Enfamil Premium® Infant UPC 65421

13 oz Enfamil Premium® Infant UPC 67418

12.9 oz Enfamil ProSobee® InfantUPC 14415

13 oz Enfamil ProSobee® Infant UPC 95417

12.4 oz. Enfamil Gentlease® Infant UPC 00691

32. oz. Enfamil Gentlease ® RTU UPC 65411

*Infant Cereal

16 Ounces

8 or 16 oz. boxes *Beech-Nut dry cereal without fruit.
Multigrain or Oatmeal or Rice                                       Any two varieties.

*Infant Fruits

32 Containers

4 oz. jars of *Beech-Nut.                                               Any two varieties.

*Infant Vegetables

32 Containers

4 oz. jars of *Beech-Nut.                                               Any two varieties.

*Infant Meats

24 Containers

2.5 oz. jars of *Beech-Nut.                                            Any two varieties.