Rural Medical Access Program

The Rural Medical Access Program ensures that doctors who deliver babies are available in rural and underserved communities. The MECDC Office of Rural Health and Primary Care works with the State Bureau of Insurance to coordinate and oversee application, eligibility, and administration of the Rural Medical Access Program. The funds for the program come from assessments that every physician pays. A surcharge of 1.25% on top of their premiums is collected by their insurer and transferred to the State Bureau of Insurance, which provides a rebate for physicians providing OB/GYN and pre-natal care in underserved areas. Funds are awarded to those physicians who meet eligibility requirements and total between $5,000-$10,000 per physician, though there is legislation in place that has the potential to increase the amount received by each physician meeting the eligibility requirements.

Contact for more information
Matthew Chandler, Director
(207) 287-5524