Local Health Officer Training

Section 7: How Do I Enforce the Law?gavel

We will cover, in general terms - An approach to resolving a health problem that cannot be remedied under a mutual agreement between the municipality and the property owner.  

In this section we will cover:

Part I- Due Process

  • What is Due Process

Part II: Nuisances

  • Land Use Violation - Rule 80K - Maine Rules of Civil Procedures
  • Malfunctioning Sewage System - Case Study #5
    • Determine What has Occurred and Where to Go From There
    • Take Necessary Action
    • Next Steps
    • Call for Assistance
  • ¬†Conclusion
  • ¬†Sample Knowledge Check # 5

Section 7 should take approximately 45 minutes to read, process, and complete a sample knowledge check.



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