Local Health Officer Training

How To Use

To help you get started, the following section will explain how to use and navigate the course. Let's begin with the minimum system requirements needed to successfully access this course site.

Minimum System Requirements

Internet Connection:
The entire site can be viewed using a variety of Internet connection speeds. There are a few slideshows that may be slower than the rest of the site to download. If you prefer, the text of each slideshow can be viewed by accessing the link just below the slideshow.

Browser Requirments:
The newest versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are recommended. The course has been tested with older versions and you should have at a minimum, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla FireFox 1.0

Adobe Flash Plug In:
Some course interactivity has been built using Adobe Flash. If your browser does not have this plug in installed, you can download it at the Adobe Download Center.


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