About Us

Rural Health and Primary Care (RHPC) is a small but influential office within the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (MeCDC), Office of Health Equity. Our office has the responsibility of reviewing and responding to all public health issues and concerns with a focus on rural health in Maine.

Collaborative efforts are essential and ongoing with our colleagues in the MeCDC. These efforts include the Oral Health Program, the Women's Health Program, the Office of Health Equity, and  Data, Research and Vital Statistics. Within the Department of Health and Human Services, our office works with staff at the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services regarding issues pertaining to Rural Health Clinics. Outside of DHHS we collaborate with the Maine Bureau of Insurance, the Department of Labor, and Department of Education staff to move forward our common goals.

The RHPC also collaborates with numerous partners that are outside of the Maine State Government.

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  • Increase resources and reduce costs for health care statewide with a focus on rural areas;
  • Facilitate communication among stakeholders on rural health issues;
  • Increase access to primary, mental and dental health care services for underserved populations;
  • Reduce geographic, financial, transportation and other barriers that prevent access to health care services.

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Healthcare consumers and providers living and working in rural and underserved areas.

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Main phone number: 207-287-5524
Fax number: 207-287-5431

Matthew Chandler, Director

Vacant, Rural Health Manager

Marc Coulombe, Planning & Research Assistant

Joan Mank, Administrative Assistant