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The Drinking Water Program is responsible (holds primacy) for enforcing Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations.

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Rules Changes

The most recent changes to 10-144 CMR, Chapter 231, the Rules Relating to Drinking Water, were adopted on February 29, 2012.

Drinking Water Rules (pdf file)

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Bottled Water

Consumer Confidence Reports

Cross Connection


Groundwater Rule


Monthly Operating Reports

Operator Licensing

Phase II/V

Rules Relating to Drinking Water (doc)

Surface Water Treatment Rule

Total Coliform Rule

Well Drillers Rules (pdf)

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Searchable Maine Statutes

Code of Federal Regulations 141 - 143 (40CFR141-143)

US EPA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations



Drinking Water Order Policy (pdf)

Continuous Chlorination Disinfection System Installation Guidance (pdf)

Setback Waiver Policy (pdf )

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Setback Waiver Policy (pdf)

UV Disinfection Policy (pdf)



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