Phase II/V

The Phase II and V Rules were promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1986 and established maximum contaminant levels for:

  • volatile organic compounds (fuel oil, gasoline, MTBE)
  • inorganic compounds
  • pesticides
  • herbicides

The Phase II Rule identified 38 contaminants for regulation and Phase V targeted 23 additional contaminants. Link to the EPA Drinking Water Contaminants web page. The Phase II/V Rules are administered by Lindy Moceus (207) 287-8402. Ms. Moceus tracks monitoring compliance and determines the sampling frequency for public water systems.

These rules allow the State of Maine to develop a testing waiver program for the some of the contaminants. Testing waivers require the implementation of a wellhead protection program and an application submittal.

Phase II/V Waivers

About waivers: Community and non-transient, non community water systems are required to test for Synthetic Organic Compounds (such as herbicides and pesticides). The Drinking Water Program (DWP) has the authority to waive some of these tests. A public water system that wishes to waive some or all of these tests must complete a waiver application and submit it to the DWP for review.

The waiver is not automatic! Water tests can be waived only if a water system is not at risk for that contaminant. The DWP reviews waiver applications and all past testing results. Groundwater systems must also have an approved wellhead protection plan to qualify for a waiver.

Please contact Lindy Moceus at (207) 287-8402 if you have any questions about Phase II/V waivers. If you have questions about preparing a wellhead protection plan contact David Braley at (207) 287-3194.