Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF)
Project Guide For ALL Projects

Get started with a meeting

It is recommended that a meeting be held, as soon as it can be arranged, to discuss your project. This meeting could include representatives from other interested parties involved with the project such as other funding agencies, local government, water associations and project consultants. Such a meeting will give you the opportunity to explain and discuss the scope of your proposed project with DWSRF staff, at the same time allowing them to explain how the requirements of the Program will affect your project. A good understanding of the project and the processes involved will help your project move forward, avoiding unexpected circumstances and possible delays. This meeting will also give you a chance to meet and get to know your DWSRF Project Manager and other Program staff.

Financial assistance cannot be approved for the construction costs of your project until the following are complete:

  • Environmental review process completed
  • DWP Capacity Development and SNC review of water system
  • DWP approval of contract documents with specifications and final plans
  • MMBB loan application approval

WHO? You and your DWSRF Project Manager. It would also be advantageous for your design engineer to attend. If you haven't chosen a design engineer, your Project Manager can suggest help for that process as well. The DWSRF Program Manager may wish to attend the meeting to answer any policy questions you may have about the Program. The Environmental Review Coordinator should also attend the meeting. The Coordinator can determine the level of environmental review your project warrants after becoming familiar with the scope of the project and seeing the site. Depending on the scope of your proposed project, or your funding situation, it may be appropriate for others from the DWP, MRWA, RCAP, DECD or the MMBB to attend the meeting.

WHAT? Anything and everything. Besides discussing the scope of the project and the requirements of the DWSRF Program, an initial meeting is a good time to assess what information you may already have that the Program will need to approve your project. Some documents that DWSRF staff may request include preliminary engineering design reports, facility planning studies and reports, professional services contract for the project, public notices or newsletters informing the public of the proposed project, and/or annual reports. These documents are not required but may be valuable sources of information the Program will need to evaluate and approve your project. As you read through the rest of this document and discover what other information will be requested from you, you may decide you have other documents to bring to the meeting that will provide valuable background information about your project and water system.

The initial meeting is also a good time for you to let us know under what circumstances the DWSRF staff should communicate with you regarding the project, either with an individual from your system or your design engineer.

WHEN? As soon as possible! By knowing the requirements of the Program early in the process unexpected delays and the need to redo tasks will be minimized.

WHERE? Your place or ours. If the location of the proposed project is known, a site visit may be made in conjunction with the initial meeting.

The progress of your project after the initial meeting is up to you. As stated above there are specific requirements of the DWSRF Program that must be met prior to your receiving financial assistance from the Program. They are described in greater detail in the following sections:

  • Environmental Review
  • Review and approval of construction contract documents
  • Financial application and Project Estimate
  • Inspection and oversight during construction