Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF)
Project Guide For ALL Projects

Essential Steps of the DWSRF Project Process

The essential steps of the DWSRF project process are listed below. They may not be inclusive for all projects. The steps do not have to be accomplished in any particular order though some must be accomplished before others can be completed. They are listed in an order that will be typical for most projects. Every project will have unique aspects that will have to be addressed as they are encountered.

  • Setup meeting with DWSRF staff and other interested parties involved in project. (see Get Started with a Meeting)
  • Start the Environmental review process. If the project is being funded jointly by other programs using federal funds (DECD or RUS), the environmental review should be coordinated to avoid duplication of effort to the greatest extent possible. (see page 5 and Appendix B)
  • If a water system believes that the Median Household Income from the most recent census for the community they serve is inaccurate or does not represent their project service area, then they should arrange to have MRWA or RCAP start a DWSRF approved income survey to properly determine their eligibility for Disadvantaged Community System assistance.
  • If necessary start rate increase approval process. If regulated by Public Utilities Commission, start by first getting approval of Issuance of Securities.
  • Complete and submit loan application to the Maine Municipal Bond Bank (see page 10) Submit summary of estimated project costs with copy of application to DWP.
  • Submit available planning documentation to DWP. Prior to the submission of final plans and specifications any available engineering reports, facility plans, pilot studies and preliminary plans associated with the proposed project should be submitted to DWP.
  • Submit final plans and specifications for review and approval by DWP a minimum of 30 days prior to opening bids and 45 days prior to starting construction.
  • DWP staff verifies system capabilities and viability: technical, managerial and financial capacity. This process may require the submission of a business plan, management plan, financial status reports and/or Comprehensive System Facility Plan.
  • Publish environmental determination notice to complete environmental review process.
  • Competitively bid project.
  • Enter into loan agreement for DWSRF financial assistance with MMBB. Funds become available through requisition process. Systems must use properly completed summary payment request form.
  • Start construction. Advise Project Manager of all pre-bid, bid opening, monthly construction meetings and other milestone meetings that may be held in conjunction with construction of the project. Submit revised cost estimate after construction contract is awarded.