Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF)

Project Guide For ALL Projects

Environmental Review

An Environmental Determination must be issued for your project prior to the start of construction and prior to your eligibility of receiving loan proceeds for the reimbursement of construction costs. The Environmental Determination must be in accordance with the State of Maine "Rules Relating to Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund" Section 6. (Attached in Appendix D)

If your project is to be jointly funded by the DWSRF Program and another agency that requires an environmental review, the Environmental Review Coordinator may concur with the environmental review prepared for/by the other agency. Please advise your Project Manager, or the Environmental Review Coordinator, that you plan to use another agency's environmental review at the initial meeting to discuss your project. You must submit a copy of the other agency's environmental review documents including all public notices and their final determination in order for it to be considered for concurrence.

Included in Appendix B is a set of Environmental Review worksheets that must be completed and submitted with supporting documentation. That information will allow the DWP to make and issue an Environmental Determination for your project. The Environmental Review Coordinator is available to help you if you have any questions about completing the worksheets or any other aspect of the environmental review process.

In addition to the worksheets you will need to submit a site map showing the location of the project, the water system service boundary, and the location of environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, streams, ponds, historic or archeological sites, floodplain boundaries, designated wildlife habitat or endangered species locales, and other resources, as specified in local, Maine and federal regulations. Include a scale, north arrow and location map so that the reviewer does not have to be familiar with Maine to locate your project.

Unless your project qualifies for a Categorical Exclusion from formal environmental review, you will need to submit additional information that the DWP will use to prepare an Environmental Assessment. The Environmental Assessment is the supporting documentation upon which an Environmental Determination is based. The additional information, listed in the Maine "Rules Relating to Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund" should be available in engineering reports prepared prior to your undertaking the proposed projects. Such reports include, but are not limited to, planning studies, feasibility investigation reports and preliminary design reports.

Samples of letters to be used in the Environmental Review process are included in Appendix C. Note that a site map must be included with the letters to agencies requesting their concurrence with cross-cutter authority compliance.

Public Notices Required for Environmental Review Process
Environmental Determination Categorical Exclusion (CE) Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) per 40 CFR Part 1502
1 st Notice Notice of Issuance of CE (15 days prior to action) Request for review and comment (30 days prior to action) Notice of intent to prepare EIS
2 nd Notice   Notice of Issuance of FNSI (30 days prior to action) Request for review and comment on draft EIS
3 rd Notice     Request for review and comment on final EIS
4 th Notice     Notice of Record of Decision based on EIS to all commentators


Sample public notices will be provided for your use when it is determined what level of

Environmental Review is required for your project. Public notices must be included in the legal notice section of a newspaper of general circulation to the your water systems service area.

You will be required to conduct a public hearing prior to DHS issuing an Environmental Determination if 5 or more persons make a written request for such a hearing during the public review and comment period. If a water system is interested in potentially saving time, we suggest for FNSI’s that the environmental documentation be made available for review and comment at the next Board of Trustees meeting scheduled to be at least 30 days after the public notice.