Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF)

Project Guide For ALL Projects

Appendix A: Definitions

Authorized Representative - the "Authorized representative" is the signatory agent of the Eligible Public Water System authorized and directed by the system's governing body to make application for assistance and to sign documents required to undertake and complete the project on behalf of the system.

Building - the construction, erection, acquisition, alteration, remodeling, improvement to or extension of drinking water system facilities.

Certificate of Substantial Completion - documentation, a form for which may be made part of the construction contract documents, that indicates that the Project Engineer and Owner are satisfied that the construction contract is complete. An executed Certificate of Substantial Completion indicates that the warranty period for the work has started and that the repayment period for the DWSRF loan has started.

Change order - the documents issued by the water system, upon recommendation of the Project Engineer and with the approval of the authorized representative of the Program and the MMBB to the extent it requires a change in cost for the project, authorizing a change, alteration, or variance in previously approved engineering plans additions or deletions of work to be performed pursuant to the contract or a change in costs for work performed pursuant to the contract.

Community water system - a public water system serving at least 15 service connections for year-round residents, or regularly serving at least 25 year-round residents.

Contract documents - the complete set of documents, including construction plans and specifications, bid, and contract, which when taken as a whole constitute the information necessary for completion of the DWSRF project. See plans and specifications.

Cross-cutting Authorities - Federal laws and authorities that apply by their own terms to projects or activities receiving federal assistance. See Appendix C.

Disadvantaged Community - the service area of a public water system that meets affordability criteria established after public review and comment by the State in which the public water system is located.

Disbursement - the transfer of cash from the DWSRF to the assistance recipient.

DECD - Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, administrators of the Community Development Block Grant Program.

DWSRF - Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund.

DWP - Drinking Water Program.

Eligible Public Water System - community water system, both privately or publicly owned, and non-profit non-community water systems. Federally owned public water systems are not eligible.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Review - the environmental review process conducted by the State that complies with 40 CFR Part 6, Subpart E or an alternative "NEPA-like" State environmental review.

Equivalency Projects - projects that must total the amount equal to the federal capitalization grants and must comply with environmental review requirements and federal cross-cutting authorities.

Financial Assistance - includes but is not limited to, loans by the MMBB from the DWSRF, loans made by the MMBB from revenue bond proceeds, or any other purpose authorized pursuant to Title 30A MRSA Sections 4953-B and 6006-B.

Force Account - refers to the use of a water system's own work force to build any portion of a DWSRF project.

IUP (Intended Use Plan) - the annual plan identifying the intended uses of the funds available to the State from each EPA capitalization grant award, its State match and associated bond proceeds.

MBE/WBE - Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise.

MMBB - the Maine Municipal Bond Bank.

MRWA - Maine Rural Water Association

Non-equivalency projects - projects that because of their total dollar amount will be considered to be funded with nonfederal monies. This exempts them from having to meet federal cross-cutting authorities, except that may must meet anti-discrimination laws, as a requirement of receiving financial assistance from the DWSRF program.

Plans and specifications - the engineering description of the project including engineering drawings, maps, technical specifications, design reports and construction contract documents in sufficient detail to allow contractors to bid on and construct the work.

Primary Project - a project identified to receive financial assistance from the DWSRF.

Program - the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund Program / Drinking Water Program of the Division of Health Engineering in the Maine Department of Human Services.

Program Manager - the Drinking Water Program staff person responsible for overseeing the DWSRF Program.

Project - the work to be accomplished for which an eligible public water system is seeking a loan or other financial assistance from the DWSRF.

Project Manager- the Program staff member who is the primary contact with the public water system for purposes of administering the DWSRF requirements relating to a Primary Project.

Project Submittal Form - a one-page document of information submitted by an eligible public water system for initial consideration and assignment of priority points for a DWSRF project.

RCAP - Rural Community Assistance Program.

RUS - Rural Utilities Service.