Public Water System Inspections

Sanitary Surveys- A sanitary survey is a complete review of the water system to identify deficiencies and make recommendations for system improvements. The sanitary survey is also a chance for the public water system operators to ask questions and learn about other requirements. Inspections are the responsibility of the public water system but the Drinking Water Program provides this service. About 2,200 public water systems are inspected every three to five years.

Surface Water Sanitary Survey Form

Groundwater Sanitary Survey Form

Combined-Source Sanitary Survey Form

Bacteria Recheck Collection – The Safe Drinking Water Act requires “recheck” samples be collected when a sample tests positive for bacteria. For small water systems, these recheck samples are collected by the Field Inspectors. This is another opportunity to spot any problems early on.

Watershed Inspections – Field Inspectors and the Compliance Officers conduct yearly watershed inspections of all surface water systems that have a filtration wavier.

Construction Inspection and Plan Review– Any changes or additions to a public water system need to be inspected. Field Inspectors provide this service.

SRF Project Management – Four Field Engineers also serve as Project Managers for the State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) projects. This includes design review and construction inspection.

Emergency Response – The Field Services Section responds to all emergency calls including issuing Boil Water Orders. Also, the Field Services Section staffs the DWP 24 hour emergency phone.

Deregulation Inspections- When a PWS feels that it no longer meets the definition of a PWS, the Field Staff conducts an on-site confirmation inspection.

If you have questions about your public water system or private well, please contact Field and Technical Services at (207) 287-5685.