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The following publications are available from:

Department of Health and Human Services, Subsurface Wastewater Unit, 286 Water Street, 3rd Floor, Augusta, ME 04333 Attn: Wendy Austin.

All publications can be mailed or picked up at the Division of Environmental Health Office located at the above street address. The telephone number is (207)287-5672.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Septic Systems
No Cost

Site Evaluator Licensing in Maine
No Cost

Voluntary Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Inspection Program
No Cost

Voluntary Wastewater Disposal System Installer Certification Program
No Cost

Applying For An Eating and Lodging License In Maine
No Cost


Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules $10.00 per copy
Number of copies

Site Evaluation ... in Maine (out of print, click link to download 6.5 Mb PDF file)

Technical Guidance Manual (supplement to Rules) $5.00 per copy
Number of copies

Enforcement Manual (supplement to rules) $5.00 per copy
Number of copies

All Rules, Forms, and publications on one (1) CD-ROM
with PC and Mac compatible files, and HHE-200 Forms
(with and without grids) in AutoCAD for PC.
$20.00 per disc Number of copies

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A check or money order payable to "Treasurer of the State of Maine" has been sent under separate cover to: DHE, 11 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0011.

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