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Rules Governing the Reporting of Sentinel Events, 10-144 C.M.R. Ch. 114 DOC  PDF   
Concise Summary: The amended rule removes from Section 1 duplicate sentinel events that are also listed in “Appendix A: NQF 2011 List of Serious Reportable Evens”. (National Quality Forum (NQF), Serious Reportable Events in Healthcare 2011, Washington, DC: NQF, 2011.). Other changes align the rule with the NQF list: “hyperbilirubinemia” and “hypoglycemia” are no longer on the NQF list and, accordingly, are deleted from the rules; and the NQF definitions of “injury” and “patient” have been added to the rules. “Incorporation by reference” has been appropriately moved out of the definition section and placed in Section 8.9 of the rules. Section adds “at a healthcare facility” and deletes “in an emergency department, ambulatory surgical facility, or end-stage renal disease facility”. Section 4.1 adds that the primary emphasis is to ensure effective corrective action. Section 8 adds failure to comply with the rules may result in an enforcement action. As necessary, the rules are renumbered and statutory citations added.
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Updated June 13, 2014