Medical Facilities Unit

Charge of Hospital Steering Committee

The enabling legislation authorizing the creation of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) stressed a renewed commitment to customer service, collaborative approaches within and outside government, and the application of evidence-based practices to guide service delivery. The Administrative Procedures Oversight Committee (APOC) was established to align the mission and activities of Operations and Support with DHHS transformational goals. As part of that process the Licensing Subcommittee developed a statement of vision, mission and guiding principles to govern the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services operations, and several recommendations for policy and process improvement. Since February 2006, the Department has been working with hospitals to identify strategies to bring the hospital survey process into closer alignment with DHHS guiding principles. As a result of this work, the hospitals and the Department identified several strategies for reforming the State’s role in hospital licensing in Maine. They agreed to form a Steering Committee to oversee the design and implementation of licensure reform.

The Steering Committee will:

  • Build on the work and recommendations already developed in previous efforts to identify what reform is needed.
  • Develop a work plan with specific timelines and outcomes to guide reform activities.
  • Make recommendations in guidance of the design and implementation of licensure reform.
  • Prepare a communications strategy to ensure stakeholder involvement in all phases of this initiative.