Medical Facilities Unit

Hospital Licensing Reform Steering Committee

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CMS Presentation: Potential Questions for Discussion

  1. How does CMS currently use data to identify hospitals for poor performance? How do you think this will be done in the future?
  2. What implications does this have for certification?
  3. Will CMS use data from “pay for performance” or “value based purchasing” in targeting surveys?
  4. Joint Commission has reorganized their standards to reduce silos. Has CMS considered a similar approach to the Conditions of Participation?
  5. As the number of hospitals seeking JC certification decline, how is CMS proposing to enhance the state’s resources and capacity to provide this additional oversight?
  6. What is the status of Patient Safety legislation and how will that impact state oversight?
  7. Do you know of any states that deem for state licensing if hospitals meet COP’s?
  8. What areas does CMS see as needing improvement in the federal oversight of hospitals?
  9. Does CMS plan to align hospital COP’s with critical access hospitals?
  10. How does CMS keep track of advancements in evidence-based practice?
  11. How is federal complaint data used to target surveys?