Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services

What’s New! (updated June 2009)


The Registry of Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) in the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services went electronic on the DHHS website June 15, 2009. Employers will now be able to obtain information on whether CNAs are active on the Registry through an interactive web portal 24/7.

Many health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing facilities, home health agencies, residential care facilities, assisted living programs, personal care agencies and temporary nurse staffing agencies are required to check the Registry whenever employing a CNA or a Personal Support Specialist. Many former CNAs are annotated on the Registry and cannot work as either a CNA or in other capacities as unlicensed assisted personnel. There are 14,000 active CNAs. 395 CNAs have substantiated complaints of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property in a health care setting. 1,506 have convictions, from theft, OUI and assault to homicide. These carry penalties of either 10 year or lifetime bans from employment in health care settings. Each month, Registry staff respond to over 1,100 telephone calls from employers, individual CNAs and others. Upwards of 70% of these inquiries may be made initially through the web portal without a live contact with Registry staff, freeing up resources to add other unlicensed persons who have abused, neglected or exploited residents or consumers of health care providers.

This latter initiative was signed into law by the Governor on May 28, 2009, as Public Law Chapter 215.


Assisted Housing and Adult Day Services Licensing has been moved to the Medical Facilities Unit. Anne Flanagan, R.N., M.S., Assistant Director, is pleased because this realignment will result in more consist application of licensing rules between freestanding and multi-level assisted housing facilities.
Several key positions have been filled.

  • Melinda Bishop, R.N. , Sentinel Event Supervisor
  • Dale Payne, MA, MT, CIC (Infection Control), Quality Assurance Officer, Laboratory Certification Supervisor, CLIA
  • Richard F. April, BS, MBA, CMA, CFM, has joined the Certificate of Need Unit as a Health Care Financial Analyst.

Jane Drake, L.S.W., was promoted to Assistant Director for Community Services. Ms. Drake continues to oversee Intake and Out of Home Investigations, and now oversees licensing and certification of all child care programs, as well as behavioral health programs.