August 2007

  • DLRS Town Meetings with Nursing Facility Leadership.
    Nursing home leadership was invited to attend Town Meetings across the state with Division staff responsible for long-term care licensing, certification and quality. As of August 21, three meetings have been held and the Division has had positive feedback about the interaction and availability of DLRS staff to provide up-to-date information on current long-term care issues. A feature of the meetings has been to inform the leadership of upcoming changes in standardized intake forms for facility reported incidents, and plans to provide orientation to Administrators-in-Training on the survey process, quality, enforcement and other topics. The meetings served as a forum to congratulate nursing facilities on achieving the state's target goals for pressure ulcer and restraint reduction. Maine is one of two states in New England to have achieved both goals.
  • Congratulations DLRS staff. [The following appeared in the Commissioner's 8/11/07 weekly update.] A provider agency recently wrote to convey their appreciation for the blended licensing survey team visit of Gail MacLean, Dawn White, Jeanne Tetreau and Kathleen Tappan. "They were "professional, kind and respectful to staff, residents, and family members. This team made the process of survey as least intrusive as was realistic to complete their mission. We had an exit process that included front-line staff, department heads and residents.the team's recommendations and preliminary findings were presented in a kind, professional manner with an end result that no one went home devastated or feeling defeated. Thanks to the team for making such an improvement effort!