Archive April 2008

  • Promotion. Anne Flanagan has been promoted to oversee medical facilities licensing and certification activities for the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services. Prior to this, she supervised the Division’s sentinel events program, a program of mandatory reporting of serious adverse events by health care facilities, where she partnered with Maine Medical Center in a national Patient Safety Improvement Corp initiative. She will continue this effort in her current position. Anne has a rich background in health care, with 25 years of nursing experience in hospitals and for the Board of Nursing in New York. She came to Maine having been the Executive Director of the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Prior to work with the Poison Control Centers, she provided troubled hospitals nationally with President and CEO services in an effort to turn them around financially and improve quality. Anne also served in various positions for the Joint Commission, including Vice President of Managed Care and Health Systems, and Director of Network and Ambulatory Care Accreditation Services. She has a M.S. in Nursing Administration.