Community Services Programs

OSA - Licensing Review Checklist

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Listed below are requirements for the Substance Abuse Licensing review:

  • Governing Body Board Minutes
  • Client Grievances (If applicable)
  • Affiliated Service Agreement (If applicable)
  • Policies and Procedures on each program
  • Client Records for each program (to be selected by licensor)
  • Staff and Client interviews for each program
  • Fire Drill Log
  • Personnel Records for staffing these programs (to be selected by licensor)
  • Supervision Logs
  • Annual Evaluation/Quality Assurance Plan
  • Staff Development Plan
  • Financial Audit
  • Professional & Commercial Insurance
  • ADA Plans of Correction (If applicable)
  • Fee Schedule
  • Fire Inspection/Health Inspector file
  • Written Agreement with Medical Director

Questions may be addressed to Mr. Jason White, Licensing Manager, at 287-9253.