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Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Social Clubs Standards - Club Members Records

The club shall maintain club member records in a manner that provides security.

Club records are stored in secure areas such as locked file cabinets.

Automated record keeping systems have restricted access through access codes or other automated security measures.

There is a back-up system for all automated club member records.

The club has a policy and procedure regarding personnel who are authorized to have access to records that is in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

There is a method for documenting when records are accessed and taken from the area where they are stored (i.e., outguides, logs). This method should minimally document the person's name, title or relation to the club member, date and time taken and returned.

There are no instances of breaches of confidentiality that result from improper records management. All substantiated complaints will be assessed for the seriousness of the violation and actions taken to achieve compliance.

Social clubs have a policy and procedure on what documentation is to be maintained in club member records.

Interpretive Guideline for SC.10
Documents that would be expected to be found in a club member record include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: application, emergency contact, incident reports, verification that club member was notified of club rules.

Social clubs maintain club member records per club policy and procedure.

All documents or entries in the member's record shall be legible, dated and signed (including full name) by the person making the entry, written in ink or typed, and properly corrected as necessary.