Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Outpatient Service Standards - Health

OP.15 If food services are provided, the facilities for the preparation and serving of food shall be inspected and approved by the Department of Human Services.

OP.15.A. If food is either prepared or served at the facility, then the agency shall either a DHS Eating Establishment license or show written evidence from DHS indicating that they need no such license.

OP.15.B. When the agency requires a DHS license, the agency's Eating Establishment license is current.

OP.16 The agency shall have methods for obtaining on- or off-site medical services for all clients.

OP.16.A. The agency defines in policy and procedure those medical services delivered on-site. For those medical services not provided on-site, letters of agreement and/or procedures for accessing medical service provider(s) are in effect.