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Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Agency Managemnet -
Organizing Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems :

MIS.1 Agencies providing services to AMHI class members will supply data to the Department necessary to meet the Department's obligations under the AMHI Consent Decree.

MIS.1.A. The agency cooperates in the State's licensing, contract review and quality assurance activities.

MIS.2 There is documented evidence of the client or legal representative's informed consent of releasing data outside the agency except when such release is allowed by law.

MIS.2.A. The agency will not breach client and family confidentiality through data distribution or denial of services due to the refusal of the client to release data. All substantiated complaints will be assessed for the seriousness of the violation and actions taken to achieve compliance.

MIS.3 The agency has a policy and procedure establishing practices that protect the confidentiality of clients when using cellular phones, facsimile machines, automated information systems and/or other technologies that can be used to store, analyze or transmit information.

MIS.4 The agency has a policy and procedure for granting client, and/or legally responsible party, access to information and/or data maintained internally or transmitted externally that is specific to that particular client.