Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Inpatient Service Standards - Inpatient Services

IN.17 Inpatient agencies meet all other mandatory regulatory standards applicable to their organization, e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, DHS Hospital Licensure.

IN.18 Clients who request community support services while in an inpatient psychiatric facility are assigned a community support worker within two working days.

IN.18.A. The clients request for community support services is documented in the client record and minimally includes the date and time of the request.

IN.18.B. The agency documents contacting a community support agency within one working day to allow the community support agency adequate time to assign a community support worker.

IN.18.C. The requesting client's record reflects the date and time when a community support worker was assigned and the community support worker's name.

IN.18.D. There is evidence that the community support worker has participated in treatment and discharge planning meetings to coordinate service planning.

IN.19 For clients with prior inpatient hospitalizations, the admitting hospital requests the client's consent to release previous records, obtains them in a timely fashion, and considers them in treatment and discharge planning.

IN.19.A. Upon learning that a client has had a prior psychiatric hospitalization, the individual coordinating the client's treatment shall request the client's consent to the release of records.

IN.19.B. Within two days of consent to release, the individual coordinating the client's treatment, sends for copies of the records.

IN.19.C. Where prior records are obtained, there is evidence in the treatment and discharge planning that the team considered additional information from records of previous hospitalizations.

IN.20 Each inpatient service minimally provides the following treatment services: individual, group, and family therapy, medication evaluation and administration.

IN.20.A. The agency can document that each client is offered individual counseling with a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, psychiatric nurse, or a psychiatric physician extender for sessions totaling no less than 3 hours per week.

IN.20.B. Each client is evaluated for the need for medication.