Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Crisis Residential Service Standards - Service Planning

A service plan is developed for each client, with the client's consent, within 24 hours of admission to the crisis residential program.

The service plan minimally contains the following:

  • CRS.2.A.1
    problem statements;
  • CRS.2.A.2
    goals related to the projected length of stay and based upon client needs;
  • CRS.2.A.3
    objectives stated in terms which allow objective measurement of progress;
  • CRS.2.A.4
    specification of treatment responsibilities and methods;
  • CRS.2.A.5
    client input and signature;
  • CRS.2.A.6
    signatures of all people participating in the development of the plan;
  • CRS.2.A.7
    a description of any physical handicap and any accommodations necessary to provide the same or equal services and benefits as those afforded non-disabled individuals:
  • CRS.2.A.8
    criteria for discharge.

Interpretive Guideline for CRS.2.A.7 through CRS.2.A.8
These elements may be addressed within service plan goals.

CRS.3 The service plan is designed so that the client's progress towards service plan goals can be monitored and evaluated.