Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Crisis Residential Service Standards - Crisis Residential Services

All agencies will have personal emergency paging systems or will have staff back-up assistance immediately available.

  • CRS.7.A.
    Agencies that do not have a personal emergency paging system will have policies and procedures assuring the immediate availability of staff back-up assistance.

CRS.8 In addition to the orientation and training required in the core staff development standards, crisis residential staff shall:

  • CRS.8.A.
    "shadow" an experienced staff member for an appropriate period (determined by the agency in policy and procedure);
  • CRS.8.B.
    receive nationally recognized training in managing people who act out aggressively (e.g. MANDT, Nappi);
  • CRS.8.C.
    receive training in crisis stabilization;
  • CRS.8.D.
    receive training in residential/milieu management.