Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Crisis Residential Service Standards - Discharge Planning

A discharge summary is entered in the client record within 24 hours of discharge and includes the client's course of treatment and ongoing needs at discharge.

Each discharge minimally addresses, but need not be limited to, the following:

  • CRS.4.A.1
    the reasons for termination of service;
  • CRS.4.A.2
    the final assessment, including general observations and significant findings of the client's condition initially, while services were being provided and at discharge;
  • CRS.4.A.3
    the course and progress of the client with regard to each identified problem; and
  • CRS.4.A.4
    the recommendations and arrangements for further continued service needs.

The agency will have a discharge protocol that protects the client from summary discharge and allows the agency to maintain program integrity.

The agency has a policy and procedure for discharging clients that includes the terms upon which a client may be discharged (e.g., serious infractions of the policies required to maintain the privacy, comfort and safety of residents, under-utilization of the program).

Agencies will not summarily discharge clients. All substantiated complaints will be assessed for the seriousness of the violation and actions taken to achieve compliance.