Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards;  Community Support - Access

The agency has policies and procedures governing the establishment of a waiting list which minimally includes the following: prioritizing clients, selecting clients from the waiting list, and referring to other providers.

Eligible individuals are informed of their right to receive an Individualized Support Plan and community support services and, when accepted or requested, receive them in a timely fashion.

  • CS.2.A. There is documented evidence that clients living in the community who apply and are eligible for services, are assigned a community support worker within three working days of application.
  • CS.2.A.1 When community support services cannot be assigned within three working days, the agency shall immediately notify the Commissioner in writing.
  • CS.2.B. There is documented evidence that an Individualized Support Plan is developed within 30 days of application.
  • CS.2.C. When a hospitalized client requests a community support worker, a worker will be assigned within one working day of receipt of the request from the hospital.
  • CS.2.C.1 The agency documents the date and time of the hospital's request;
  • CS.2.C.2 The agency documents the date and time the community support worker was assigned.
  • CS.2.D. There is documented evidence that individuals who decline the services of a community support worker or Individualized Support Plan are informed that they may apply for these services at any subsequent time.
  • CS.2.E. The agency will develop a policy and procedure and be able to demonstrate that the screening process for determination of eligibility for services is completed within 30 days of application.

There are regular and scheduled outreach services available in the agency's service area.

  • CS.3.A
    Outreach contacts are documented and attempt to address the following:
    CS.3.A.1 identifying information;
    CS.3.A.2 an informal assessment of the individual's needs;
    CS.3.A.3 the individual's level of commitment to initiate services; and
    CS.3.A.4 an informal plan for engaging the individual further.
  • Interpretive Guideline for CS.3 through CS.3.A.4
    For outreach services in general, informed consent for service provision should be obtained when an individual agrees to initiate services. Initiation of service is defined as the point when an individual agrees to have an outreach worker actively pursue services, other than information and referral, on their behalf.