Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Clinical Management -
Treatment and Care Processes Preliminary Screening

The agency determines an applicant's eligibility for services through a timely preliminary screening process that assesses the applicant's appropriateness for services based on the service's admission or intake criteria.

  • SCR.1.A.
    An eligibility screening is conducted and documented for each applicant.
  • SCR.1.B.
    The documented screening contains a determination of the applicant's appropriateness for services.
  • SCR.1.C.
    Eligibility criteria and screening processes for all programs and services will be in compliance with the requirements of GOV.11.
  • Interpretive Guideline for SCR.1
    Preliminary screenings will not trigger the time-limited documentation requirements, e.g., assessment, service plan, that begin with initiation of service, unless otherwise required by agency policy.

SCR.2 The agency has documented admission or intake policies and procedures that assure thorough evaluation of each applicant's eligibility.

  • SCR.2.A.
    There are documented policies and procedures for routine or non-emergency admissions or intakes that minimally include:
    SCR.2.A.1 the procedures for accepting referrals from outside agencies;
    SCR.2.A.2 the information to be obtained on all applicants or referrals for admission or receipt of service;
    SCR.2.A.3 the records to be kept on all applicants and for what length of time the records are kept;
    SCR.2.A.4 the statistical data to be kept on the intake process;
    SCR.2.A.5 the procedures to be followed, including alternative referrals, when an applicant is found ineligible or inappropriate for admission or services; and
    SCR.2.A.6 the procedure for aggregating and analyzing collected data for use in the agency planning process.

The agency has documented policies and procedures for handling emergency intakes or admissions.

  • Interpretive Guideline for SCR.3
    Agencies or services that do not accept emergency intakes will have a policy stating the justification for refusal of emergency intakes or admissions.