Community Services Programs

Mental Health Agency Licensing Standards; Clinical Management -
Treatment and Care Processes Discharge Planning and Transfers

The agency shall develop and implement a discharge plan consistent with the needs and goals of the client.

  • DPT.1.A.
    Upon review, the discharge plan is consistent with the needs and goals identified in the service plan.
  • DPT.1.B.
    Clients are discharged in a manner and to a setting consistent with their discharge plan.
  • DPT.1.C.
    Clinical justification is documented when referring a client to an alternative setting.
  • DPT.1.D.
    Discharge planning in residential settings will be conducted in compliance with the requirements of standards RS.11 through RS.16.

When discharge planning indicates the need for residential services, the agency shall provide clients with information about residential options sufficient for clients to make informed choices.

Upon the client's or legally responsible party's documented informed consent, the agency transferring or discharging the client will provide a written transfer or discharge summary to the receiving agency.

The agency transferring a client to another service within the organization or to an outside service provider assures that the transfer is completed in a manner that protects the client's safety, comfort, and dignity.

  • DPT.4. A.
    All transfers of clients will be accomplished in a manner that assures the client's safety, comfort, or dignity. All substantiated complaintswill be assessed for the seriousness of the violation and actions taken to achieve compliance.