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Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements; ADA Checklist For Existing Facilities

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Please be sure to read the instructions on pages 2 and 3 of the Checklist. In addition, the following guide may assist you in completing this instrument.

  1. Deficiencies
    Every question that you check off as "no" needs to be identified in your Plan of Correction, as well as in the  Summary of Inaccessible Features page. If you have checked a box in the "possible solutions" column; this information still needs to be carried forward to your Plan of Correction.

  2. Parking and Drop-off Areas (ADAAG 4.6), pg. 5,6
    Agencies with on-street parking only, can obtain accessible parking through the city or town. Contact the appropriate person within your municipality to request this.

  3. Stalls (ADAAG 4.17), pg 13,14
    Questions regarding grab bars and height of toilet pertain to all toilets, not just stalls. Please complete these questions, even if the restrooms do not have stalls.

  4. Telephones (ADAAG 4.31), pg. 15
    With regard to TTY's (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf), if your agency has a fixed client base whereby you have personal knowledge that clients, relatives or friends are not deaf or hearing impaired, you can use the Maine Relay system for incidental communication when needed. Please be sure to review the attached information about the Maine Relay System. However, if your agency has a changing client base, (i.e., community mental health center, shelter, crisis center, etc.) you will need to purchase TTY's. Also, if your contract with DHHS stipulates the purchase of TTY's under Rider A, then you will need to purchase this equipment.

  5. Summary of Inaccessible Features and Plan of Correction
    Pease use the back of these forms if needed, or attached an additional page. Make a copy of the completed documents for your records before submission.

  6. Costs to Construct Common Modifications
    The attached documents provide an idea of costs for common barrier removal.

Checklist for Existing Facilities Version 2.1* is a PDF file. If you can not access the file, a hard copy is available by contacting:

Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Licensing
11 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0165


For a free viewer or to request a hard copy