Information for Providers

Committees - Integration Steering Committee

The Integration Steering Committee will continue to meet on a quarterly basis after a final grant closing meeting on May 19th, 2011. The members of this group will oversee the functioning of the Integration Task Force and will track other integration activities in DHHS that might offer productive opportunities for collaboration. It will ensure ongoing attention to integration for the Department and for Providers.

Active Membership:

  • Catherine Chichester, CCSME, facilitator
  • Director, Office of Substance Abuse
  • Director of Community Services, Office of Adult Mental Health Services
  • Representative, Office of Adult Mental Health Adult Services Committee
  • Representative,Integrated Services, DHHS
  • Director or designee, Children’s Behavioral Health Services
  • Director or designee, Center for Disease Control
  • Director or designee, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Services