New Initiatives

Check this page for news about what’s new with the Integration Initiative. This is where you can find out about new policies and procedures, new standards being drafted and new events being planned. It’s a good place to check in on the work of the Integration Task Force. Check here to be sure you haven’t missed any developments that affect you as a provider!

The Supervision Training Initiative

In late fall of 2008, the COSII Project Team, along with our training partner providers and ADCARE, began work on a new initiative to train clinical supervisors in Co-occurring supervision. We are developing a 30 credit module of trainings that will be applicable to the State Board of Substance Abuse Counselor’s requirements for the CCS (Certified Clinical Supervisor). We’ll also be providing additional trainings on supervision focused on ethics, basic supervision topics, basic information about co-occurring disorders, and supervision from a Motivational Interviewing perspective. We hope to provide both in person trainings as well as web-based, on-line modules. Stay tuned, or contact the Co-occurring Collaborative serving Maine for more information. (878-6171).

The kick off for this initiative is the May 18th Institute for Co-occurring Studies Conference on Supervision and the Workforce. Don’t miss it!

The Institute for Co-occurring Studies

This project is an outgrowth of  the grant work and is sponsored by the Co-occurring Collaborative Serving Maine. The Institute holds an annual conference, being held this year (2011) on June 9th. The focus for this annual event is Co-occurring  Disorders and trauma. Contact CCSME at 878-6170 or for more information. Check here for future information about conferences and other work of the Institute.

Co-occurring Webinars

CCSME has created a webinar called Co-occurring Care – A Guide for Maine Agencies.
If you are a provider or agency leader who needs help knowing what COD capability is, this is an accessible learning opportunity. Contact CCSME at 878-6170 or  for more information  about access. Look for other web based training in the future.

Core Standards Integration

For those of you who have been anxious about the differences in co-occurring language and expectations in the mental health versus the substance abuse licensing regulations, take heart! Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services is making good progress on its project to integrate and make consistent the regulations for mental health, substance abuse and children’s services licensing. Integration will be a core expectation in all regulation.