Integrated Care for Co-occurring Conditions

In 2005, DHHS was awarded a 5 year, 3.4million dollar grant to focus on co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions. These conditions often co-occur (at least 60% of the time), and best practice is for them to be treated together. In order to encourage this integration of care, states and providers need to change much about the way they deliver services.

The purpose of the grant was to help Maine make those changes. The initiative developed for this purpose was called COSII – the Maine Co-occurring State Integration Initiative. COSII was busy at many levels. We worked with providers to integrate care, we provided extensive training and technical support, and we worked with consumer and provider committees to change policies and procedures at the state level. As a result, Maine now has a policy requiring that all providers become capable of working with substance abuse and mental health problems in an integrated way. In fact, this requirement applies to all conditions that might co-occur, including physical health concerns and other problems associated with health. Leaders throughout DHHS are working on ways to develop a more integrated service delivery system.

To understand how the COSII initiative affects both providers and consumers, access information by following the links on this site.