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(State Services)

Services for the direct benefit of the State

(Client Services)

Services to accomplish a public purpose of support
Settlement Type Not Subject to MAAP Cost Settled
Subject to MAAP
Fee for Service
Subject to MAAP
Program Specific
Subject to MAAP
Service Examples Services to the State
i.e. Consultants, coordinator, OIT
Direct client services
i.e. Crisis, HMP, Sexual Assault
Direct client services
i.e. Case management, rental subsidies
Payment Method Invoices must be submitted based on actual cost basis: i.e.
  1. Allowable Expense Table
  2. Deliverable Based or
  3. Rates
  4. other ~ please contact SPOC
Auto monthly payment based on DHHS Budget forms Invoices must be submitted for actual service delivered based on: Rates  
Reporting Requirements - General Program Reports, Performance Matrix as needed Program Reports, Performance Matrix as needed Program Reports, Performance Matrix as needed  
Reporting Requirements - Financial   Quarterly Financial Reports

Agreement Close Out Instructions
Agreement Close Out Report
Agreement Close Out Provider Checklist
Sub-recipient Agreement Close-out Report
Fee-for-Service Final Report
OSA Cost Settled Close-out
Rider A
Scope of Work
(Word) (Word) (Word)
Rider A
Language Guidance
Contract Language Regarding Use of State Computers by Contractors
Rider B
Payments and Other Provision
Invoices and Payment Language:
Complete Rider:
Invoice and Payment
Complete Rider:
Invoices and Payment
Complete Rider:
Rider D
DHHS Specific Provisions
(Word)(PDF) (Word)(PDF) (Word)(PDF) DDPC and RPC
Rider F
Budget Forms
  Budget Form Instructions - Cost Settled
Budget Form - Cost Settled
Budget Form - FFS
Budget Forms - OSA
Budget Forms – OADS AAA
Budget Forms – OADS Provider
Budget Forms - OCFS Transportation

The documents that follow apply to all contract types.

Rider E Program Specific Provisions SAMHS
Adult Mental Health (Word) (PDF)  
Substance Abuse Services (Word) (PDF)  
Adults with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities (Word) (PDF)
Maine Center for Disease Control (Word) (PDF)
Cap Agencies (Word) (PDF)
CBHS Out of State Room and Board (Word) (PDF)
Children's Behavioral Health (Word) (PDF)
Children's Residential (Word) (PDF)
Domestic Violence (Word) (PDF)
Sexual Assault (Word) (PDF)
Transportation (Word) (PDF)
Victim Advocacy (Word) (PDF)
Common Riders Rider G – Work Performed Abroad (Word) (PDF)
Rider I – Assurance Compliance (Word) (PDF)
Rider I – Resolution Agreement Cover Letter (Word) (PDF)
Exceptions Riders (Previously C) (Word) (PDF)
Signature Page BP18 Agreement for Special Services ($5,000 level) (Word)    
BP54 Agreement to Purchase Services (Word)    
BP54 EO-IT - Instructions   (PDF)  
BP54 EO-IT (Word)    
Amendments Signature (Word)    
Amendment Vendor Change (Word)    
Standard Agreement Cover Page (Word)    
Common Documents Business Associate Agreement (Word) (PDF)  
Business Associate Agreement Checklist   (PDF)  
Debarment Form (Word) (PDF)
FFATA Subawardee Information Form     (Excel)
New Vendor and Vendor Update Form   (PDF)  
New Vendor and Vendor Update Instructions   (PDF)  
Provider Contact Information Page (Word) (PDF)  
Supplemental Sheet for Contracted Employees     (Excel)