Training Resources

DHHS - Approved Employment Specialist Training

As of July 1, 2011 Maine DHHS (as well as Maine Bureau of Rehabilitation Services) will accept only ACRE approved (Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators: Employment Services course certificates.

DHHS "Grandfathered" Employment Specialist Training

Individuals who were trained as Employment Specialists prior to July 1, 2011 will be considered “grandfathered”.

"Grandfathered"  If Taken Before July 01, 2011
  • The Maine Employment Curriculum for Employment Support Personnel
    offered by Maine Employment Curriculum (MEC) trainers
  • Central Maine Community College -
    PSY 204 Vocational Aspects of Disabilities and Counseling AND PSY 202 Disabilities and Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Must take both courses to meet requirement
  • Husson
    PY 335 Introduction to Rehabilitation AND PY 442 Seminar in Psychology (Must take both courses to meet requirement)
  • Kennebec Valley Community College
    MHT 126 Vocational Aspects of Disability
  • Southern Maine Community College
    BHHS 110 Psychosocial and Vocational Rehabilitation
  • University of Maine at Augusta
    HUS 236 Foundations of Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational Aspects of Disability (non-academic course)
  • University of Maine at Farmington
    PSY 237 Career Counseling REH 270 Vocational Counseling and Placement
  • University of Maine at Machias
    PSYM 326 Vocational Implications of Disability
  • University of Maine at Presque Isle
    PSY 374 Vocational Aspects of Disability
  • University of Southern Maine
    HCE 615 Vocational Counseling and Placement in Rehabilitation
  • University of Southern Maine-Lewiston Auburn College
    SBS 399 Social Psychology of Disability
  • Amethyst Training and Consulting
    Vocational Aspects of Disability (non-academic course)
"Grandfathered"  If Taken Before August 01, 2003
  • University of Hartford CRP RCEP Certification
  • Southern Maine Community College Employment Specialist course
  • BDL Employment Specialist course
  • Goodwill Employment Specialist course