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Simulation Documentation

Simulation Name: Reading People Address Information
Simulation Mode: Teach me

Scenario: In this lesson you will learn about reading People Address information.

Screen Name: #1: People Demographics - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Select Addresses from the SHOW drop-down list.
User Prompt: You have already anchored your person. Select "Addresses" from SHOW menu.
Screen Name: #2: Addresses - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Click underlined ADDRESS "Hot Area" underlined ADDRESS
User Prompt: You are now at the People Addresses page. Notice, a person can have multiple current addresses as long as they are not the same ADDRESS TYPE. You would like to view the details for the first address, click its underlined ADDRESS.
Screen Name: #3: Address - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Click OK "Hot Area" OK
User Prompt: Once you are finished viewing the address details, click the OK or CANCEL button to return.
Screen Name: #4: Addresses - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Click Anywhere "Hot Area" Anywhere
User Prompt: You're now back to the People Addresses page. Click anywhere to continue.
Screen Name: #5-End

Summary: You've just learned how to view people addresses in EIS.