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Simulation Name: My Events - Changing Password and Personal Information
Simulation Mode: Teach me

Scenario: In this lesson you will learn how to change your password and your personal information that is tied to your username.

Screen Name: #1: My Events - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Click Set My Preferences "Hot Area" Set My Preferences
User Prompt: Click the SET MY PREFERENCES link on the My Events page.
Screen Name: #2: My Preferences - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step 1: Type Yousee22me(*) in the Password field.
Step 2: Type Yousee22me(*) in the Confirm Password field.
Step 3: Type DHHS Office in the Address1 field.
Step 4: Type 123 Main St. in the Address2 field.
Step 5: Type 2072875555 in the Phone Number field.
Step 6: Type new.user@maine.gov in the Email field.
User Prompt: Your new password is Yousee22me(*) (remember, just delete the old one and type in the new one). Your office address is 'DHHS Office' then '123 Main St.'. Your phone number is (207)287-5555 (must be entered without symbols or spaces). And lastly, your email address is 'new.user@maine.gov'. Click SAVE when data entry is finished.
Screen Name: #3: My Preferences - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Summary: You've successfully changed your password and personal information.