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Simulation Documentation

Simulation Name: New EIS LOG ON
Simulation Mode: Let me try

Scenario: In this lesson you will Practice logging onto the EIS. Click OK to continue.

Screen Name: #1: Program Manager

Step: Double-click BDS Date Center Welcome "Hot Area" BDS Date Center Welcome
User Prompt: First you must access the Internet Explorer. To do this, double click the Internet Explorer Icon on your desktop. I have made the BDS Data Center my Home page and have created a shortcut on the Desktop to take me there. Double click the Internet Explorer BDS Data Center ICON.
Screen Name: #2: BDS Data Center Welcome Page - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Click EIS "Hot Area" EIS
User Prompt: You should be directed to the BDS Data Center page. To continue, click on the EIS button. Note: If Internet Explorer does not take you directly to the BDS Data Center home page, click in the address bar and type: http://inet.state.me.us/bds/datactr/welcome.htm. If you are logging into EIS from home, go to http://www.maine.gov/bds/, select CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION (left side center) and then EIS SYSTEM (bottom left corner). Also, to make the BDS Data Center your startup page, while viewing the page click TOOLS on the Menu bar, INTERNET OPTIONS, the USE CURRENT button, and then OK.
Screen Name: #3: BDS Data Center EIS Page - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step: Click Log onto EIS "Hot Area" Log onto EIS
User Prompt: At this page read any ALERTS and then click Log onto EIS.
Screen Name: #4: State of Maine DHHS EIS - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step 1: Type bdsnewuser in the User Name field.
Step 2: Type Let77in(*) in the Password field.
Step 3: Click Log On "Hot Area" Log On
User Prompt: Type in your User Name and Password at this point. Remember: Your Password is CASE SENSITIVE. Your user name is "bdsnewuser" and your password is "Let77in(*)".
Screen Name: #5: EIS Home - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step 1: Select MH Direct Services Profile from the Select a Profile to use during this Session: drop-down list.
Step 2: Click Go "Hot Area" Go
User Prompt: If you have more than one Profile in EIS you will come to this screen when you Log On. You would then select the appropriate Profile for this work session in EIS. Click the Drop-down arrow on the "Select Profile to use during this session" Combo Box and choose which profile you will be using. Click the GO Button. For EIS Users with only one Profile, they will go directly to the My Events Page.
Screen Name: #6: My Events - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Summary: You have now Logged On to EIS and are ready to do some work. Good Job!