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Alternative Options
(no web site) Telephone 377-3158
Topics: RCS;PSS; DSP:Adult MR; CPR/First Aid, Blood-borne Pathogens

Alternative Service, Northeast
(no web site) Telephone 777-1107
Topics: CRMA, CRMA Recertification; CPR/First Aid; Infection Control & Blood-borne Pathogens

John F. Murphy Homes, Inc.
Topics: DSP: Adult MR; Intro to Behavior; Behavioral Procedures Regulation; NAPPI; MANDT; CPR; First Aid; CRMA; AIMS Scale Testing; RCS

Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield, Maine
Telephone: 207-453-5119 or 1-800-528-5882
Contact: Flora Stack -
Courses offered: Blood Born Pathogens, Basic First Aid, CPR, MANDT, CRMA, RCS, Community Mental Health, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Interviewing and Counseling, The Changing Workplace, Crisis Identification and Intervention, Incest, Sexual Abuse and Trauma, Mental Health and Aging, Substance Abuse with Dual Diagnosis, Case Management, Group Process.

Motivational Services, Inc.
Topics: CPR; First Aid; MANDT; RCS; CRMA