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Enterprise Information System (EIS) - Hardware/Software Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements to use the EIS application:

  1. Must have an ISP (Internet Service Provider);
  2. Note:  AOL does not work for EIS on most machines;
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer only --Version 6.0 or better;
  4. Must have virus software loaded;
  5. Windows XP recommended; and
  6. Browser Security set to Medium.

Note: Performance will be relative to the hardware (CPU speed and memory installed) as well as the connection method - broadband vs. dialup.

Note: Different ISPs have different timeout mechanisms, and this may impact the end user when saving the assessment.  So, users may have to save frequently.

Note: EIS was designed to work with a screen resolution of 800x600 however many users choose 1024x768.  The user’s individual choice may cause him/her to scroll more or less often, and placement of some screen items may change depending on the choice of resolution.